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He was always cursing and whining. He never did, see the forest, from the trees. Look around you. You are very lucky.


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Love Songs Albums


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Monkey Album


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1. E-lec-tric-it-y

2. Hots

3. Rosalinda          

4. Viagra

5. Beyond The Need

6. My Baby Rocks Me

7. Song About You & Me

8. You Are The Reason

9. The Ceiling Is High

10. I Love You

Nine Original Love Songs + Viagra.

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What's On This Page                      Violence    Violent Doctor    


On this page I answer TV’s question, which is, “Is John a pedophile?”                                              

Also there are links to 7 love songs albums. Plus a dance album. Plus you can read the words to        

20 Original Love Songs Albums. All written by John.

The JB Collection are currently in the studio, and making, 4 more love songs albums. Hoping to be

finished by June 2020.

That will make a total of 12 original albums, for your listening pleasure. Including 11 excellent love

songs albums.

There are also iTunes etc links at the top of every page where you can buy and listen.


Viagra  Monkey  Mouse  Robot  Internet         1999 Interview         4mmm Pedophiles         Still A Doctor


Do Yourself A Favour.

I wrote 20 original love songs albums.

Did doctor give money to Premier?

Dr Ian Leivesley raped me in 1987. He then said, he had $700 million. And I couldn’t do anything about it.

The day after doctor raped me in 1987. I phoned the police. They phoned me back 10 minutes later and said, the doctor now says you are too mentally ill to go to court. Too mentally ill??? You can read the words to 20 love songs albums I wrote here.

2018: I've said doctor raped me on my website

for 10 years now. Page 2.

2018: I've said doctor raped me on my website

for 10 years now. Page 2.