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         You Only Need To Buy Each Track Once Rule            (C) John Birch 2018.


         On the Viagra 2008 and Viagra 2012 albums there are only 2 new tracks on each album.

         I am only asking you to buy those 2 new tracks.


         If you have already bought, the Viagra album (10 tracks), then all you need to buy, to make

         the Viagra 2008, or Viagra 2012 albums, is, 2 new tracks, for each album.


         The new tracks, you will need, are all contained, in the Extra Tracks Single.


         I don’t think it is fair, to ask you to buy, a 12 track album, when you probably already own

         ten of those tracks already.


         In the future the same principle will apply. For instance, if you buy the Mouse album,

         you automatically own Love Thy Neighbour, Boomerang and Love Songs albums.


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                                                                         PS: The reason we haven’t displayed our full number

                                                                         of albums on our iTunes page, is because of our

                                                                         Buy Once Rule. You only need to buy each track once.

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