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Love Songs Albums


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Monkey Album


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1. Honest Sweat***

2. You Are The Reason

3. My Girl***                              

4. Boomerang***

5. Rosalinda

6. Two At Night***

7. Miss Simplicity***

8. Roses Need Rain***

9. I'm So Blue***

10. Hard To Get Easy***

11. Viagra

12. Beyond The Need

13. Hots

14. My Baby Rocks Me

15. E-lec-tric-it-y

16. Song About You & Me

17. Rosalinda (Steve's Version)

18. I Love You

19. The Ceiling Is High                  

20. All Woman Are Crazy  

              Twenty Original Love Songs.    

                           75 Minutes.

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   Stardust - Nelson

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He was always cursing and whining. He never did, see the forest, from the trees. Look around you. You are very lucky.


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New Tracks***

Stardust Legacy - cover

The JB Collection




Moonlight Love --- 3,000px

Monkey Photo 1

Monkey Photo 2                            Calm

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